Standard one camera sample

Premium two camera sample

Our videos are shot using high resolution Go Pro Hero Cameras!

Mounted on stationary stands, our videos capture your event for the best vantage point we can find. Cameras are not hand held and are strategically placed to try and get the most action we are able to capture. Please remember that we can not control the ring, where the participants or judges or helpers all stand.

The samples above are only sized to 500x281 for viewing on this site as a sample, your final videos will be HDV 1440x1080!

We are not able to offer premium, multi-camera shooting at all events. Each is unique and we make those decisions based on being able to get the best quality we can. A standard video will consist of an intro slide to your event, followed by the actual video. Premium videos are shot from two different angles and edited together to give you as many angles as we can get.

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